About Us

Hayward Studio

The dream of two Perth Hills Artists, Hayward Studio is a hand-built studio nestled in the Perth hills – a space they hope will inspire people from all walks of life to find their own artistic flair.

Husband and wife duo George and Helen Hayward, designed and built the unique studio in a labour of love that took almost 18 months, a project they say was born out of a desire to create a place for genuine art, where anyone can pick up a paintbrush and discover their creative passion.

Hayward Studio has been moulded into a place where everyone can appreciate an authentic approach to art without the intimidating air it can sometimes attract, and connect with the essence of art.

The Hayward’s instinctive, raw and earthy work is on display at the studio, which also provides a space for emerging artists to display their talents and host dynamic art classes catering for people with any level of art experience as well as providing a picture framing and picture hire services.